MSI Series incubators, biology, zoology, botanical science and pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics in the research and quality control laboratories of industries such as incubators, drying, ice cream operations and long-term testing and long-term for storage purposes.

MSI series cooled incubators are designed to supply freezing, incubators, drying and test temperatures between -10°C and +80°C. The devices have the necessary technical and use characteristics for experiments in the quality control laboratories of the biology, medicine, veterinary, botanical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

• Each program features 99 times replay

• Digital indicator for temperature, time, schedule and number of digits, easy-to-use control panel

• Gas widening safety thermostat for heating

• Easy to clean stainless steel interior

• Fan air circulation homogeneous heat distribution

• Glass watchwindow on the door

• Easy to clean stainless steel interior

• Button controlled interior lighting




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