For freezing, incubation, drying and long-term storage in biology, zoology and agriculture; The drug is used in the food and cosmetic industry in the calte control laboratories to process the homogeneous mixing of liquids in glass containers in different shapes and volumes.

It is one of the leading devices of the microbiology laboratory, which is based on the principle of working by churning at different temperatures depending on the laboratory's operating load and purposes.  It is used in the cultural ization, duplication and characterization tests of microorganisms.  The device provides the heat they need for the development of microorganisms.

Pid microprocessor control system and homogeneous air circulation ensure excellent incubation conditions. Thanks to its turbo-fan heating system and strong insulation, precise and constant temperatures are achieved. The control panel has separate indicators for temperature and timer, easy to use. The inner cell is made of stainless steel.




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