MIT Test Cabinets are built to stimulate real climatic conditions by controlling temperature, humidity, day and night light cycles. The temperature and humidity control range of MIT Test Cabinets ensures many tests in different industries. However, stability, artificial aging, storage and shelf life tests can be easily performed. The perfect design of the device ensures that MIT series devices are used in many industries;

The right materials are used in the interior and exterior to ensure maximum durability and reliability. The cell is made of stainless steel and epoxy-painted galvanized steel so that the outer body is not affected by the high humidity value.

The lamps in the door, protected by heat and moisture resistant glass, provide samples with daylight. Glass metal Door allows the observe of samples without affecting the humidity and temperature values running inside the cell. When you consider cold and hot test temperatures, insulation is of great importance for the efficiency of the product. Insulation of MIT Test Cabinet devices is provided by injected high density polyurethane.




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