Plant Enlargement Cabin; developed to stimulate real climate conditions by controlling temperature, humidity and light cycles during the night-day. Excellent design of the device, MBB Series; It is used in studies such as plant growth, seed formatting, cultivation of plants to new climatic conditions, production of cell and tissue culture, genetic research of plants, cell and protoplasm cultivation, incubators and enlargement of insects.

When you consider extreme cold and hot temperatures, insulation is of great importance for the efficiency of the product. The left and right windows, consisting of double glazing, provide excellent heat insulation. The back surface and door of the cell are isolated by polyurethane. The double door seal provides sealing even the extreme climatical testing conditions.

The cell of the MBB Series is illuminated from two surfaces: right and left. This can revive the movement of sunlight. Lighting on both surfaces can be programmed separately according to the 24-hour period.




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