MICROTEST Ultrasonic washers operate with 220 V. 50-60 Hz AC. As well as produced in standard tank capacities, washing machines with the desired volume of tanks can also be produced.  In fact, large volume tanks, pools (Probe) models are available on production platforms. The body and bathtub (boiler) are made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301/AISI 304).

Ultrasonic energy converters (transdusers) made of high-impact piezoelectric crystals are used in ultrasonic system, which works under timer control. Resistors used in heating operate under thermostat control.


• In the automotive and aircraft industry,

• In the textile industry,

• In small industrial productions, coating jobs,

• Metal and plastic goods and parts washing,

• Bujiteri, jewelry industry

• Hospitals and other health care organizations sterilization pre-washing operations (surgical instruments),

• Dentistry

• In laboratories,

• Food industry,

• dirt, rust, tufal, chip cleaning and fat removal.. Etc.....




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